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Information and multimedia have already become one of the most important tools for learning and communication in the 21st century. At present, there are network members everywhere among the five continents.

In order to promote the Hakka, and to create a barrier-free environment for learning the language and the culture, we need to get the attention of all the Chinese in the world and have them understand the significance of Hakka, then make an effort to recover its precious cultural assets.

Therefore, a Hakka-Chinese-English translation course is open now.

As a result, Chinese-speaking students can experience the commonality and interest in learning, and, moreover, they are able to learn three languages at the same time.

Meanwhile, this course will be simple and reliable enough even for non-mandarin students who are also interested in Hakka.

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Hakka e-Learning Center List
No. Course title
1 Hakka in English
2 Hakka English idioms and phrases 100
3 Everybody speaks Hakka language in English
4 Hakka English idioms and phrases 100 (2)
5 Easy to speak、Easy to listen、Easy Hakka (5 different tones)
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