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Electronic Guitar

  • Post Date:2006-01-12
Electronic Guitar

The electric guitar originated following the 1920s under the influence of the popular Hawaiian guitar. The Hawaiian guitar has no sound box. All its strings and pickups are fixed on solid wood. During the 19th century, the guitar was an indispensable instrument for country music and jazz. But the guitar’s volume couldn’t compare with that of a violin or a saxophone, so it was always relegated to accompaniment. Between 1920 and 1930, people tried to install different kinds of “pick-ups” on the guitar to make it into a solo instrument. To the present day, the electric guitar is loved passionately by rock fans. We can say that without the electric guitar, there would be no rock music, not to speak of heavy metal.

The electric guitar uses an amplifier to amplify the sound. There are two kinds of electric guitar. The semitone style has a hollow body. Usually, though, the electric guitar has a solid body, not a sound box but a base for the strings. Electronic pickups are installed on it, as well as controllers for tone and volume.

A standard electric guitar has 6 strings. It is played with a pick or with the fingers. The bass guitar has 4 strings. It is tuned an octave lower than the 4-string standard guitar. These two kinds of guitar are both popular in various types of modern music.

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