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2010 World Youth Hakka Culture Camp(Camp2)

  • Post Date:2010-10-18

Objectives:This camp is especially designed for assisting overseas Chinese to experience Hakka culture, to get a better understanding of original Hakka history, to further their interests in aspects, such as Hakka language, folk, music, drama, and eventually to enrich their global Hakka viewpoints as well.

Sponsors:Council for Hakka Affairs , Executive Yuan
Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission

Organizer: (China Youth Corps).

December 8th to December 28th, 2010

Estimated Number of Participants:60 overseas young people

Application Admission:From now to November 19 th, 2010

Locations of Application:Download the application form from the website of Council for Hakka Affairs, (www.hakka.gov.tw) or Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (www.ocac.gov.tw). After completing the form, please bring it in person or mail to the R.O.C. Embassies, Consulates, or other representative offices.

Qualifications for Application:
1. The applicant should be aged 16 to 27.
2. The applicant should be those who are living overseas in good condition, and performing well in academic studies.
3. The applicant should be adaptable to live in groups, and overseas decendants of Hakka, or those who recognize the Hakka culture
4. For the sake of fairness, a family could be only reserved one member to participate in this culture camp(twins are excluded).

Procedures of Application:
1. The following documents should be submitted in person or by mail :
(1)Application form (see attachment).
(2)Health certificate (see attachment).
(3)General rules and regulations(with signature).
(4)A copy of health insurance card.
(5)A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or passport.
(6)Four passport-sized photos ( 2” x 2”) taken within 6 months.
2. The documents mentioned above should be submitted or mailed in time.

Program ( the Sponsor Reserve the Rights for Adjustment):
1. Main Content:
(1)Experiencing Hakka Culture (through Hakka Music, Dance, Language…).
(2)Experiencing Hakka Food and Crafts DIY.
(3)Exploring Hakka villages.
(4)Visiting Taiwan’s Scenic Areas .
2. Please Refer to 「2010 World Youth Hakka Culture Camp(Camp 2)」Program as reference (see appendix ).

1.During the period of the Culture Camp, all fees including board and accommodation, travel insurance, and public transportation around Taiwan will be paid by the Tour Sponsor (Council for Hakka Affairs, Executive Yuan).
2. The following should be paid by the participant:
(1)The round-trip air tickets
(2)Registration fee NT$ 3,000(paid to the Organizer upon check-in).
(3)Personal medical expenses and any damaged compensation incurred by the participant(parents are responsible for those participants who are under the age of 20)
(4)All expenses of board, accommodation and transportation of earlier check-in or later leaving
3. Whatever the reason may be, the applicant who has to leave the culture camp earlier after paying his/her registration fees, will get no refund. Besides, the applicant who has been accepted but has to drop out of the culture camp, must give an earlier notice ahead of one month.

The Culture Camp will last for twenty-one days. The participant has to get the visa issued from R.O.C. Overseas Governmental Offices in advance. The Tour Sponsor and Organizer will not be responsible for any inconvenience which may cause if the participant’s visa is overdue.