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Good Fortune Rolls

Good Fortune Rolls
Good Fortune Rolls
  • Created by: Jiang Yichun of Ma Na Restaurant, Jiang Meimei of Dan Shi Le Restaurant, and Lu Kuiying of the Xin Kai 8-5 Restaurant
  • Ingredients: Pork, flat noodles, dried cabbage, dried mushrooms, rice wine
  • Seasonings: Kumquat sauce, white pepper, potato starch, kumquat

A. Cook the pork in boiling water.
B. Cut the pork into thin slices.
C. Wash the dried cabbage and dried mushrooms and sauté until fragrant.
D. Wrap the pork and dried cabbage and mushrooms in the flat noodles.
E. Place in steamer and steam.
F. Make dipping sauce with kumquat and kumquat sauce.
G. Arrange on plate.