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President Tsai promotes Hakka traditions and culture by paying homage to Yimin Ye in Xinpu and visiting the Jiang Family Shrine in Beipu

  • Post Date:2016-08-22

0822-1In order to commemorate the Yimin Ye - volunteer soldiers who fell in defense of their homeland - sacrificial rites were performed at the 2016 Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival in their honor on August 22, 2016. President Tsai Ing-wen, accompanied by Minister Lee Yung-te of the Hakka Affairs Council, visited the 180-year old Yimin Temple in Xinpu to participate in the rites, then visited Beipu's ancestral Hakka settlements to inspect restoration work on the Jiang Family Shrine, a county historical site. President Tsai showed her support for traditional Hakka rites and culture.

0822-2President Tsai, accompanied by Minister Lee and other ritual representatives, paid tribute to the Yimin Ye with incense and prayed for peace and prosperity and favorable weather for Taiwan. In her speech, President Tsai said in Hakka that Yimin festivals have more than 200 years of history, from when our ancestors sacrificed their lives to protect their homeland in exchange for our peace and prosperity. The President emphasized that if not for their sacrifice, our generation would not see so much peace and happiness.

1050822-1After the ceremony President Tsai and her party went to Beipu to inspect how restorations were going on at the Jiang Family Shrine. She expressed her thanks to the restoration team and praised the skills of the old masters. Not only are they passing on traditional Hakka techniques to a new generation of artisans through the restoration of monuments, they are also ensuring that traditional Hakka architecture can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.

President Tsai also thanked the Jiang family for opening the family shrine to the public so everyone can learn about Hakka history. President Tsai stressed that the restoration project, which is nearing its end, is an important event for both the Hakka and for Taiwan. There are many Hakka buildings and structures in the villages along Provincial Highway 3, as well as many friendly and interesting Hakka people, cultures, places, viewsand objects. The administrative departments will accelerate the Provincial Highway 3 project, bringing together national resources to harness local potential and transform Provincial Highway 3 into a cultural highway.