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Minister Lee Visits Hsinchu and Taoyuan to Promote Hakka Literature

  • Post Date:2016-07-23

0723-2The 16th Wu Zhouliu Literary Camp, hosted by the Hsinchu County Cultural Foundation, and the opening ceremony for the Chung Chao-cheng Literature Pavilion and Teng Yu-hsien Music Pavilion were both held on July 23, 2016 in Hsinchu and Taoyuan, respectively. Lee Yung-te, Minister of the Hakka Affairs Council, attended both these meaningful Taiwanese Hakka literature events and paid his respects to the unwavering example of Wu Zhouliu and the historical contribution made by Chung Chao-cheng to the field of Hakka literature.

Minister 0723-1Lee first attended the awards ceremony for the 16th Wu Zhouliu Literary Camp Beginning Ceremony cum Wu Zhouliu Literary Awards Ceremony in Xinfeng, Hsinchu. In his speech, Minister Lee first thanked Lin Guang-hua, chairman of the Hsinchu County Cultural Foundation, for his work promoting and laying down foundations for Hakka literature in Taiwan. He also thanked Wu Xing-cun, granddaughter of Wu Zhouliu, for continuing her grandfather’s work.

Minister Lee said he read Wu's works when he was young and sensed his great love for land and family through the text. Wu Zhouliu and other Hakka writers have left behind mo0723-3re than just literature. Their legacies also include a precious heritage shared by all Taiwanese people. Through these works, one senses the human spirit of both the Hakka and Taiwan. They tell us how we should work and live on this piece of land, and how to stay close to our common home, Taiwan.

After the awards ceremony ended, Minister Lee attended the opening ceremony of the Chung Chao-cheng Literature Pavilion and Teng Yu-hsien Music Pavilion, new additions to the Taoyuan Hakka Culture Hall. The opening ceremony brought together many Hakka authors and musicians, includ0723-4ing 92 year-old Chung Chao-cheng, also known as the mother of Taiwanese literature, in a celebration of Hakka literature and heritage.

Finally, Minister Lee pulled down the large red curtain with fellow guests to declare the Chung Chao-cheng Literature Pavilion and Teng Yu-hsien Music Pavilion officially opened. Guests lined up in front of the staircase to celebrate Hakka literature and music.