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Minister Lee and Hualien Hakka Language Teachers’ Panel Seek a Favorable Cultural Environment for the Sustainable Transmission of the Hakka Language

  • Post Date:2016-07-24

0723-5Hakka Affairs Council Minister Lee Yung-te made a special visit to Hualien County to attend the Hualien Hakka Language Teachers Seminar on the afternoon of July 23, 2016. In the evening, he attended Hakka Night, , the final event of one of the twelve main Hakka festivals, the Ke Gu Ming Xin: Battle for the King of Drummers. Minister Lee stressed that the Hakka language is at the core of Hakka culture. The Hakka Affairs Council will continue to work together with local governments to create an environment conducive to the use of Hakka so both the Hakka language and culture are passed on in a sustainable way.

0723-6The Hakka language is the core of Hakka culture, but students today are not in an environment that encourages the use of the language. Schools might only schedule one Hakka language class per week so students cannot immerse themselves in learning the language. Therefore, Minister Lee stressed that he aims to turn Hakka into a medium of instruction instead of a language being taught. In addition, he hoped that the Hakka language could have priority access in Hakka villages, that public agencies could provide services in Hakka, and that members of the Legislative Yuan could use their native language when speaking in the National Assembly to enhance the accessibility and competitiveness of Hakka.

0723-7In the evening, Minister Lee attended the Hakka Night festivities (at the Fuyuan Bao-an Temple in Ruisui township and enjoyed performances by the Japanese drumming ensemble Nihon Chaya-machi Oni-daiko, Malaysia's Shicheng Theatre, top Taiwanese drumming team Song Kun Performing Art Group, and internationally renowned drumming performance group Chio Tian Folk Drum and Arts Troupe.