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Introducing The Hakka TAIWAN and HAKKA FOOD Brands

  • Post Date:2012-10-25

Brand Origins

In order to drive development of Hakka businesses and industries, and guarantee the quality of Hakka products, marketing channels, and restaurants, in 2008 the Hakka Affairs Council created the Hakka TAIWAN mark as a way of identifying first quality Hakka specialty products and letting consumers select Hakka-related products in peace of mind. In 2010 the HAKKA FOOD logo was created, becoming the mark of fine Hakka restaurants and culinary products. This hope is that this marketing strategy will improve the image of Hakka cuisine and promote Hakka culinary culture. In order to maintain the exclusivity of the brands, eliminate piracy, and avoid consumer confusion as well as protect the rights of businesses and consumers, on June 1, 2012, the Hakka TAIWAN and HAKKA FOOD brands became registered trademarks. Their use covers product packaging and identification of marketing channels, restaurants, and other services. The brands will help maintain the consistency of the "Hakka hospitality," serve to introduce the best quality products to customers, create a brand for Hakka businesses, establish an image of high quality, and usher in a new era for Hakka specialty products.

Brand Purpose and Design Philosophy

Hakka-TAIWANThe Hakka TAIWAN brand is a legally registered trademark of the Hakka Affairs Council. The logo uses a blue color from traditional Hakka attire to convey the unpretentious, passionate nature of the Hakka. As an identifier for first quality Hakka goods and marketing channels, it is hoped that the brand will become a symbol for Hakka businesses and industries.

The design is based on the Hakka blue blouse and represents the traditional daily-life Hakka aesthetic. Clean and simple with modern lines, the brand logo conveys the fashion, trendiness, and passion of Hakka boutiques. The pink represents a bounty of wellbeing and good fortune, while the blue represents the frugality and lack of pretense in the Hakka spirit.


The HAKKA FOOD brand is the second legally registered trademark of the Hakka Affairs Council. Based on the motion of tea grinding, it conveys the hospitality with which the Hakka treat their guests to create an identifier for first quality Hakka restaurants and culinary products in order to shape a new image for Hakka cuisine. "Lei cha", a beverage made by grinding tea leaves along with other herbs, grains, nuts, and so on, is a refreshment served by Hakka people to their guests, and is rich with the hardworking spirit and practical knowledge of the Hakka. The design features simple, well-executed curves inspired by the motion of grinding "lei cha," as well as a gentle, smile-like curve, which represents the joy in Hakka hospitality. Overall, it conveys the hospitality with which the Hakka treat their guests. The blue color was borrowed from the Hakka blue blouse, while the pink represents the rich diversity of Hakka cuisine.